Terms & Conditions

1.         Contractual Agreement
1.1       All new clients are required to complete and sign a Registration form.  This information will be kept confidential and not sold on to third parties.
1.2       Avocet Business Solutions (ABS) will send all clients a work order for each new work assignment
1.3       ABS will do its very best to pick up errors before work is submitted, however, ultimate responsibility for accuracy lies with the client.  Any errors by ABS will be amended free of charge.  Any errors by the client or further alterations that are required will be charged at the usual rate.
1.4       Before any legal work assignments are entered into all parties must be declared.  This is to prevent conflict of interests on behalf of ABS.
1.5       If the work is aborted before completion the client is liable for the cost of the work already carried out.

2.         Charges
2.1 Estimates.
2.1.1    ABS will be happy to provide an estimate for work which will be calculated based on the information given by the client, however ABS reserve the right to amend this estimate should the work become more protracted than expected.
2.1.2    For all estimates over £100.00 a 50% deposit will be required.
2.2       Invoicing and Payments
2.2.1    An Invoice will be sent to you within 7 working days of completion of work.  Payment terms are 30 days from invoice date.
2.2.2    Payments can be made by cheque to Julie J Farrell, BACS (details on Invoice) or Paypal.
2.2.3    ABS reserves the right to charge 5% interest on late payments.  Clients will be liable for any costs incurred by ABS recovery on non-payment or the return of any cheque.

3.         Rates
3.1       ABS charges a flat hourly rate of £15.00.  The client will be billed by the minute.  There is currently no minimum charge.
3.2.      The price quoted includes labour, emailing, one hard copy of the document and one CD (if requested) sent by first class mail.  Proof of postage will be obtained.
3.3       The price does not include extra hard copies of the document, or CDs and items sent by Registered Post or Recorded Delivery, Courier Service or Parcel Force.  The client will be liable for these costs.
3.4       ABS cannot be held liable for any item that is lost in the post, Courier Service or Parcel Force.

4.         Confidentiality
4.1       All work is treated as strictly confidential and ABS will sign a confidentially agreement prepared by the client if requested.  Please also see our Private Policy.
4.2       ABS reserves the right to refuse any work assignments it deems to be unsuitable at its discretion.