money saving and helpful tips

I charge a flat fee of £15.00 per hour (25p per minute) so the better the quality of the original source (tape, document etc) the quicker I can produce the finished product and the less money you will have to pay! 

I am still very happy to tackle poor quality recordings or difficult to decipher manuscripts, please be aware that it just will take a little longer to do!


For your guidance, the transcription industry standards advise that 10 to 15 minutes of speech takes approximately one hour to transcribe.  Therefore, a 60-minute recording will take a MINIMUM of 4 hours to do, based on a good quality of recording.  The basic rule is if I cannot hear it, I cannot transcribe it!

When making a recording please think about:

  1. The environment – the microphone will pick up EVERYTHING including all the background noise.  If possible try to find somewhere quiet to make your recording.

  2. The clarity of voices – please try to speak clearly and maybe a little more slowly, especially if you consider that you have a strong regional accent.

  3. Technical or unusual words – dictate as you would to a layperson.  Please spell out all words clearly and let me know which words you wish to have capitalised.  This may feel a bit laborious but it will save time in the long run as I will not have to keep asking you questions!

  4. The number of people speaking – people talk over each other which will make the recording unclear.  If you wish me to identify who is speaking for the transcription please ask them to give their name before speaking.

  5. When using a voice-activated dictation machine please allow a couple of seconds before speaking, as the dictation may be lost.


This is basically anything that needs to be typed either from another document or by manuscript. 

Obviously the clearer the copy, the quicker it will be for me to type up, but please do not be put off if you think you have difficult to decipher handwriting.  I have had a lot of experience working with a partially sighted person with poor handwriting and have been able to produce good work for him.

As a general rule if I am unable to hear/read a word I will put [unclear] in the transcription and will either contact you by telephone or send it back to you in draft form for clarification.